Thursday, August 12, 2010

A fairy good day....(how corny is that)?

One day last week I went over to Jennifer Bow's house for a party she was having to give away a bunch of groovy old vintage clothing AND I saw these cool little...well huge really...fairy houses that her two girls had made. I immediately thought of how Brianna would think that was cool. She loves to collect random pieces of junk and trash and make things out of them. So, Jennifer and her girls offered to come help us make fairy houses. Samuel's was going to be an Ewok hut since he's a Star Wars lover. The Bows left around 4ish and Samuel and Brianna were busy with the hot glue gun until after 6. That's pretty much a record for them when it comes to playing and getting along in one long stretch.

Pretty much all they used to assemble the houses were a hot glue gun, nature hike collections, and trash. So, that means it was FREE and they played together happily for hours. Plus, Jennifer says this is a never ending project for her girls so I guess we may end up with fairy and Ewok mansions.

(Crazy color casts on most of these from the available tungsten and fluorescent lights).

Here's the fairy's chalkboard...

Alexis...too little to use the hot glue gun so she just watched Meta and Samuel make hers.

As and artist, I guess, I just love seeing what comes when kids create with their little imaginations! Its just crazy what comes out of their little heads. They all had some great ideas.

And here are a couple from my sessions this week. The first one is my friend, Heidi's kids. Heidi and I go way back. We went to church together when I was in high school and then lived together our first year at Tarleton. Her kids are too cute!

Last but not least, is Jessica and DD's sweet little Ruthie. She looks just like big brother!  And, I must say she's wins the award for newborn with the longest eyelashes.

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