Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer's going by too fast!

So, this summer as usual we've planted a HUGE garden. I had to get a picture just to remember how tall our corn was this year. Looking back at old pictures of any kind of landscape I almost always wish there were people in the picture. So, just as they were I had my kiddos huddle in the middle of the garden. Samuel was heading to baseball, Mackenzie had been busy eating dirt again, and Brianna dressed herself..oh my.

I think its so cool to be able to grow your own food! I must admit though, I don't think it saves us ANY money. If you've ever planted squash you know they produce like crazy and its hard to think of creative ways to use them. My neighbor gave me a recipe for a lemon pie made out of yellow squash! I tried making it coconut this time and it was good but it didn't quite mask the squash taste like the lemon one.

I really do think I could be amish if they would still let me use my camera! Oh...and wear makeup!!!

I had a cancellation last week so I wanted to try and take lots of pictures of my own kids since I had the extra time. So, here are a few of my crew minus Alexis. She's due for her own photo shoot:)

This is Mackenzie's "I WANT YOU, MAMMA" face.

And, here are a couple of a recent newborn who literally tipped the scales. I'm one of those people who lays in bed at night thinking about all the bad things that could happen. I know...not good. Anyway, I NEVER put newborns on anything high incase they fall. This little guy was about 5 inches off the ground on one of my baby scales when it turned over!! Thank God he was wrapped up in blankets and only 4 or 5 inches off the ground. He never even woke up! Shew! 

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The New Witty's said...

Hey Chelsea! I love your family pictures! LOL @ MacK eating dirt and the amish thing! how funny!
wonderful pics like always!

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