Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I guess I can't post without a photo so here is my Mother's Day gift....the most BEAUTIFUL hydrangea I ever saw!! Now, if I can just keep it alive :0

I got my flowers early but I woke up to the sweetest cards from my kids. One had a picture of a Basset Hound puppy and a cute little joke inside. (I'm obsessed with Basset Hound puppies...just waiting until the fence is finished to get one). The other was a card Samuel made all by himself, on his own sweet. Those things really put life in perspective for me. They are a good reminder that my kids still love and appreciate me despite all the times I feel like I've blown it as a mom and been less than what they deserve. Anyway...just thinking about being a mom today and how I never imagined that I would love my kids THIS much.

Speaking of mom helped me take the kids to the zoo yesterday. We had a toy garage sale and the kids got rid of a TON of toys, YAY! And they all agreed they wanted to go to the Zoo with the just so happened one of the monkeys had a baby! (I'm also a little monkey crazy). We never could see the baby's face because her mamma had her nestled tightly...just hands and feet.

Here are some other guys who posed for the camera.

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