Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Katie and Baxter

Here are some pictures I got to do for Katie and Baxter who are getting ready to take a little trip to Southeast Asia. They'll have a really neat opportunity to live on campus with some Asian students and teach English in a non-formal setting. They're going to the same place that I got to go and make some friends when Chance and I went on our trip so I'm really excited that they may get to continue some of those relationships and build many more.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I guess I can't post without a photo so here is my Mother's Day gift....the most BEAUTIFUL hydrangea I ever saw!! Now, if I can just keep it alive :0

I got my flowers early but I woke up to the sweetest cards from my kids. One had a picture of a Basset Hound puppy and a cute little joke inside. (I'm obsessed with Basset Hound puppies...just waiting until the fence is finished to get one). The other was a card Samuel made all by himself, on his own initiative...so sweet. Those things really put life in perspective for me. They are a good reminder that my kids still love and appreciate me despite all the times I feel like I've blown it as a mom and been less than what they deserve. Anyway...just thinking about being a mom today and how I never imagined that I would love my kids THIS much.

Speaking of mothers...my mom helped me take the kids to the zoo yesterday. We had a toy garage sale and the kids got rid of a TON of toys, YAY! And they all agreed they wanted to go to the Zoo with the money..AND..it just so happened one of the monkeys had a baby! (I'm also a little monkey crazy). We never could see the baby's face because her mamma had her nestled tightly...just hands and feet.

Here are some other guys who posed for the camera.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here is the cutest Mini Mouse I've ever seen. She's going to have her first birthday and mom had her all decked out....tutu, hats, cake, balloons. I love it when mom's bring fun stuff!

Now, I can put Miss Aspen Dai's picture on my site since her adoption is final!! Here she is...

And here is the Lee and Boone family. It seems like I always get to photograph such great families. Here is another sweet family and some really cute kids!!

I'm feeling like I'm forgetting someone :0 Well, if so I'll add it next time.

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