Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here are a couple of quick sneak peaks. Here is little Greyor..LOVE that name! 

Next is little Miss Addy. Isn't she a doll?!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I wasn't going to try and work on these for a week or so but I just couldn't help it! There's not much more precious than a newborn baby and Sunday I got to photograph the newborn baby of Chance's college roomate, Michael, and his wife Heather. It was overcast and they had a great backyard for the shoot. I guess she was worn out from a rough morning but she slept the WHOLE time! She definitely set the record for sleeping the longest during one of my sessions. Here she is...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well, we had a blast in Colorado but it does feel good to be home. We've been blessed with the most awesome neighbors. Our next-door neighbors gave us a week at their time-share in Avon, CO. The lodge was minutes from Beaver Creek. Chance and I thought it would be fun to take turns taking Samuel and Brianna skiing. Between awesome friends and neighbors we gathered all the gear to keep them warm. I went up with Samuel while Chance took Brianna. Brianna didn't last as long as Samuel so on the second day Samuel also got to ski a couple of runs with Chance. Here are a couple of clips of the two of them.

One day we went on a drive, looking for Cooper Mountain (not Copper) and stumbled across some people dog sledding. The sound of all those dogs barking and echoing through the mountains was amazing.

Here are some shots looking down from Beaver Creek.

And, Alexis finally got to do her thing the last day-ICE SKATE! She was fired up and couldn't quit talking about how fun it was.

No doubt vacation planning can be stressful with a family of six but I wouldn't trade for the lessons learned and experiences we had with the kids. We were all in this really tiny space but we didn't feel like we needed anything more. Life even seemed more simple once we got used to things. At the end of the week the kids even thought about all those toys at home they didn't even miss. Samuel was inspired to have a "toy garage sale". So, I'm all over that!

I think we all learned to be more resourceful, making the best of what we brought. We definitely had our moments of conflict. Right before we got married we watched these Gary Smalley videos- amazing BTW! He talked about how those times of conflict create family bonding and he uses the example where he, somehow, got stuck in his garage, hanging upsidedown. His son laughed hysterically while he grew more and more angry. He says that they can look back and laugh about it now and that it's times like that where families bond. My family is still young but I have a hunch he's right. Anyway, weather we have a vacation or a stay-cation I'm committed to  keeping it up.

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