Friday, March 19, 2010

More from Oakdale Steakhouse....

I don't think I mentioned that Laurie and Stephen's pictures were done at Oakdale Steakhouse on the way to Huckaby. Well, I had another session there and wanted to make sure and put in a plug for them :) Here is your sneak peak, Amber. I'll look for you on facebook and tag some of you there!!

Okay, well the first shot, I guess, could be an out-take. Its what we photographers call a blowout but I still like it and it makes for a good advertisement for the live music at the Steakhouse on Saturday night. Even though her some of her skin is blown I still love this shot.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Laurie and Steven's Sneak Peak

Okay guys here's a sneak peak! I got your images loaded tonight and couldn't help but process a couple. I'm also working on getting my images on blogger BIG and needed to play around. If they're grainy its just blogger. Also, I seem to do things backwards a lot so I started at the end...that's why your last shots are first :)

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