Friday, January 29, 2010

Catching Up

Well, we've been enjoying a nice, slow season. Its nice to have a post where I'm not crazy busy. I'm just savoring life and my sweet family right now. As far as blogging I'll try and catch up on some of my winter sessions. I still have a couple of other sessions to ask permission to post :) BTW if I take your pictures go ahead and tell me if you want me to blog them :) I blog all of the sessions when I can remember to ask. 

First, here is my good friend, Katie and her sweet family. I really love this picture of them! I think her kids had the typical reaction at home when the stress of picture time was approaching but they were AWESOME when picture time came! VERY cooperative :) is a precious family who I'm so blessed to know.

And here is Miss Molly. My first senior this year. It was SO cold that day but she was a trooper. Senior sessions are always so much fun!

And a couple more of my SIL and BIL. I totally think my Alexis looks like she could be their child..ha ha.

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