Tuesday, July 14, 2009

God is Good!

We have some news in the family department... no, I'm not pregnant...Samuel is going to Christian school next year! I'm very excited mostly because its undoubtedly God's plan for him! At the beginning of the summer I talked with Chance about some of my concerns about homeschooling this next year. I think homeschool is a great thing but I'm just not so sure it would be the best thing for our family this year. I was ready to go public school this year and he was really wanting to continue to homeschool. We began to pray about our decision..that God would make us one on our decision. (Its
just so important in marriage to be united in those big decisions). So, to make a long
story short, we were invited to the open house at the Christian school in town. We were very impressed and felt really good about it except for the tuition part...youth minister's salary...big family. I just kept feeling like God was trying to show me He
would provide. Well, He did! We found out Samuel got a scholarship for the Christian school! Anyway, I'm just so excited to have a clear answer and looking forward to getting involved at the school.

I can't believe its already the middle of July. This summer has been so good. Here are some shots from our trip to a little beach nearby.

Finally, I'm taking pictures again! I've also been working hard during my break to set up a few things like my new site! I'm so excited ...I've been wanting to get this template for a long time. My site is a template from porfoliositez (great templates for photographers). I'm hosting through them as well. The site is pretty much finished. I'm planning to add some photo packages along with the "a la cart" prices and I'll be running some specials that include free session fees. You can check out the new site here www.illustrationsoflife.com.

So, here is sweet little Abigail from my first session since starting back. She's so stinkin' cute!

And, last but not least, my friend Emily gave me the "Lovely Blog Award". You can get lots of scrapbooking ideas if you're a scrapbooker and if you scrapbook like me you can get premade scrapbook through her, too. Her site is found at http://www.faithhopeandart.blogspot.com/. Toodaloo!

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jamieswife said...

You've been busy. I love the layout of your new photography website. We'll have to get with you soon for a new session. Glad to hear you're ready to work again.

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