Saturday, June 6, 2009

My baby girl

Here are a couple of Mackenzie. It looks like I may have another brown eyed girl. I LOVE brown eyes so that's fine with me. I seriously need to get some more girly shots of her but these were just some quick shots I grabbed while I had her in her birthday suit. 

This one has some focus issues and wouldn't be a keeper other than I LOVE this big ol' smile she has here. She gives anyone who catches her gaze this sweet grin.


Johnny and Alisha said...

These are so cute! She looks so different to me...maybe it's because she's so wide awake.

Emily said...

I sent you the Lovely Blog award. I don't know how to send it on via comment space, so if you want, you can pick it up at my blog :)

And get back to work! I LOVE seeing your pictures!!

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