Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm still hiding : )

I thought I would go ahead update those of you who are waiting on me to come out of my cave and start taking pictures again. I'm thinking maybe in a couple of months I'll be able to get this sweet baby on some kind of schedule so that I can be a little more productive. I'll make sure to post on my blog when its official. BTW she's doing really well she's just a little unpredictable and not crazy about sleeping in her bed. 

A while back I came across this picture of Samuel that I took in the back yard and I just decided I love it. He's got all those big permanent teeth in the front now and man, it makes him look so much older.

Here are the girls givin' each other some love at Samuel's baseball game.

Okay, one of these days Samuel is going to have his own room being the only boy and I'm toying around with the idea of putting up a collage of four square pictures up in his room..all processed like these. I can't decide if I want to do all black and white or a mix of both. (I'll add other shots to the mix). What do you think! Color or black and white?

I thought this shot of Brianna was kind of fun. I'm trying to break out of my little box and try some more creative things with the shots of my kids. Brianna is bouncing on one of those bounce balls here and I have one of Samuel that is halairious  I haven't processed yet. 

...and a couple of head shots of the girls.

These are some I did just before Mackenzie was born and Brianna came down with the flu the night I took these so that's why the squinty face. 

I guess you noticed I changed my blog layout. I may change it again I just really needed to go ahead and use the logo I had designed a while back. Well, maybe someone will read this..its been so long since I posted. Leave me some blog love if you're reading : )


Alisha said...

I like your new logo. Great design! Hmm, I think you could go either way with the pics of Samuel. I like 'em both.

The Witty's said...

I love the picture of Brianna carrying's too cute!

Shellie said...

I just love your photography. As for the picture of Samuel, I can picture this on the wall in color surrounded by a bunch of other pictures in black and white. Something about it looks so American. Maybe it's the colors. But either way, it's a great picture!

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