Friday, April 3, 2009

I Heart Etsy

Being a photographer I've really gotten into looking for cool photo jewelry and have been looking for a locket for forever. I think the first time I heard of hand stamped jewelry it was from my friend, Alisha, when she posted this. (Click on Lisa Leonard Designs). She told me they also had lots of hand stamped jewelry on Etsy. So I had this locket custom made byDonnaODesigns. Here it is. Its about the size of a quarter...

Here's another one of my finds on Etsy. This sweet little hat came from Portland Beanie Company. I was really impressed with the quality of this hat. I sent Nili these pictures hoping she could use them and she already has one of them up on her site! This is my little Mackenzie again BTW.

My friend Julie also gave me some CUTE hats from Etsy I know I will be photographing as well. (Julie, maybe you can comment and remind me who you got them from.) She also told me about some others that were too cute and I'll have to hunt down the site and show them to you. I think I posted the picture of my diaper cake and there were tons of cute hair clips that Julie found on Etsy. Anyway, I just thought I would put in a plug for Etsy and all the people there who are working hard to produce some really unique things. It can be hard in America to make a living making things...ya know? 

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