Saturday, December 27, 2008

One birthday, two lost teeth, and four Christmases

December has been the craziest month for us. My baby, Alexis, turned two on the 6th. She wasn't feeling great, barely recovered from an ear infection. We took her to one of those jumping places with just our immediate family and my mom. She had a pretty good time but wasn't quite herself. Here's one of her tasting the icing to her cookie cake.

Not long after her birthday her "big girl bed" came. I always fret about the adjustment of getting the little ones into a bed when they can actually get out!! You never know what kind of war it will be keeping them in the bed. It went so much better than I imagined. She loved it and I think it was because she loved being in the room with her brother and sister. I'm sure it made her feel more included.

Next, it was time try and get some good shots of my own kids for a Christmas card. Its almost impossible to get a good shot of three kids together that young so, although this one's not perfect its the one I used.

I also ended up with some shots I really liked of Samuel and Brianna. Alexis was on the move and I couldn't catch a really good one of her. I still have so many shots to process from that day. You may notice Samuel is missing a tooth in this one and now he's missing the other one, too. I'm glad I was able to capture this snaggle-toothed smile.

Samuel and Brianna were also in a Christmas musical at church. It was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! Brianna really doesn't like attention so I figured she would chicken out and Samuel was complaining of looking like a bumble bee the week before BUT they both pulled it off and made their mommy a really special memory. I'm so thankful to all the adults who worked and continue to work so hard with the children at our church.

Next, I'm posting some random shots of our four Christmases. Some of the ones of my dad, step-mom, and two sisters are from a visit a few weeks earlier. I didn't manage to get my camera out each time so I don't have pictures from each Christmas. Sometimes when I have my camera with me its like having another child because it takes so much of my attention and I'm better off leaving it in the case. (The white balance is probably all kinds of wonky in all my indoor shots. I upgraded to the 5D and couldn't help but take a lot of indoor shots since its specialty is low-light.)

The first two are my two teen-age little sisters, Allison and Melissa.

This is Christmas at their house.

This one is from Christmas at our house with Chance's dad, step-mom and little sister, Lacey.

I think this one is my favorite shot of the month. I really wanted a low-light shot of the kids in front of the Christmas tree before tearing into all the gifts.

Well, I think that's enough for now : ) Next time I'll share some from my December sessions...


Alisha said...

I love the last one too!

jamieswife said...

Ooooo, that last one of the kids is beautiful! It looks like an advertisement...

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