Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The lazy days of summer have passed.

Its amazing how fast things can change. It seems like just yesterday I was bored and tired of being home. Now we're back into the routing of the school year and things are crazy busy but its good. Samuel and Brianna are both playing soccer and that's what takes up the most of our time these days. Its Brianna's first (and last season) and she cries every game...mostly the whole time. Dealing with her is really a struggle but I've vowed not to be hard on her and defeat the whole purpose of her playing... FUN. She enjoys practice most of the time and is at least getting good exercise. Samuel, on the other hand is really fun to watch as he's improving and really enjoying it.

Here are some shots from some sessions I've done so far this fall. I just love this one of little Levi.

These are from an engagement session and there were so many vary different shots. Here are a few of my favs.

Here are the shots from the last session I did. They were brave enough to come out in the rain and wait for it to calm down. The lighting was perfect just a little tricky trying to find a place to sit.

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