Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Sessions...

This post wraps up most of my summer sessions with the exception of one I forgot to ask permission to blog. The first one is of Mr. D who was quite a trooper. I chased him around as I do all of the little ones and got lots of great shots. He even fell out of my wheelbarrow and hardly shed a tear (probably not using that prop again. I've had nightmares of kids falling while I'm taking their pictures..YIKES!)

Next is little Mrs A. There are tons more from this session I could share as well. I LOVED the location for these. These were taken in Chandor Gardens which is a really beautiful place with a waterfall, stairs, ponds, bridges, and flowers and pretty cheap to get in. The only downer for photogs is their hours are really bad for lighting. We did this session at 9am, when they opened, but needed to be earlier for better lighting. She's such a pretty little girl and she looked so sweet in her little brown dress.

The last ones here are of one of the sweetest families I've met. They were just so friendly and patient after traveling over an hour and endured at least 100 degree temperatures.

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