Sunday, June 1, 2008

Schools out for summer!!!

We got finished with Samuel's school a couple of weeks ago and we've been singing Alice Cooper around here. Is that who sings that....."school's out for summer"? Anyway, its getting hot and time to pull out the kiddie pools. I told Samuel and Brianna we could have a water park in the back yard and we've had all of our water contraptions set up in the back yard. The first day we had our next door neighbor over (4yr old boy) to join in on the fun. Samuel was so pumped he told me twice that day that it was the best day of his life, with veins bulging out of his neck. Man, I hope he's always this easy to please : ) He was so excited I didn't get any good pictures of him. I had a hard time keeping my focus on him with him contantly moving so here are some of Brianna and Alexis.

You'll notice Brianna is giving me some much sweeter expressions and has gotten used to living with the paparazzi. Now I just have to work on her letting other people take her picture so that I can be in some with her. I might add she doesn't mind taking pictures one bit. In fact, she took my profile pic up there to the right. I set it up for her and she fired away and got several shots in focus at f 2.2 handheld!

Alexis never got in the water but I needed some pictures of her in her birthday suit. I used these shots of her to make my first storyboard. She was dancing while Samuel sang her a song.

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