Monday, January 28, 2008

The Girls

It finally warmed up a bit this weekend so I wanted to get a couple of shots of the girls together and of course that didn't work out but I'll take what I can get. I'm determined to capture some sweet shots of the girls together. Brianna is finally coming out of some of her toddler moodiness and she's becoming so loving and nurturing with her little "Cheeto". They're so cute together. I still managed to get lots of Alexis.


Anonymous said...

Love your photos! I "stop by" here often.....thanks for sharing your talents!

Julie R.

AmyC said...

They are both so gorgeous! These are really lovely photos, Chelsea!

Joanie said...

I think your photos are wonderful! You are very talented, and your kids are so cute!!

-- Joanie Pky (Chance's cousin)

Jinon said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented...of course its easy when you have such beautiful children!:-)

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