Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Day of School

Samuel started school....well home school....on Wednesday. I really debated when to let him start. He really shouldn't start until next year but he'd be one of the oldest in his class with his birthday in October. I really didn't want to rush things and end up stressed out but he's been BEGGING me to start. He really loves it! He loves the one-on-one time, all the busy work, and most of all he loves not having to take a nap anymore. We're doing his school while the other two sleep so that's working out pretty good for now. Of course, I had to snap a few photos to document his first day. He's holding up Pointer in one because he had to learn "Where is Thumbkin". As for public school, he'll probably be there one day. I really loved school (the social part) and I think there will be a time when that works better for our family. I would also like to teach again one day.

The next one is of Brianna's little ring she 's started wearing. Its so sweet to me how she keeps putting it on everyday and then putting it back in the box at night. I told her if she can keep up with it until her birthday I'll buy her a real one. As for Alexis, she's had the measles, I think. She's feeling better now but she has almost a full body rash. I think its driving her crazy to stay cooped up....its driving me crazy. She had a fever for 4 or 5 days and now she's pretty much back to normal with the exception of the rash and being a little tired. I'm keeping her quarantined : ) until the rash is gone. I guess measles are pretty contagious from what I've read.

The rest are some from some recent and not-so-recent sessions. And a BIG "Thank You" to all the friends that have been brave enough to try me out and help me get started. I have a few more from past sessions that I'll save for next time...

The next one is one of my all-time favorite shots! Her eyes are gorgeous!

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