Thursday, October 25, 2007

Puppy Love

Man, it seems like I haven't blogged in forever. We've been so busy like everyone else in the world. Samuel is about to finish up his last week of soccer. He turned 5 on Tuesday. Its funny how monumental birthdays are to kids. Suddenly, he thinks he can do EVERYTHING! He's been trying to do all kinds of stuff for me like fold up the stroller and put it in the car. He's changing out his own DVD's way up high above the TV. I really don't know how he does that I guess he grew or something : )

Well it seems like we've been planning it forever but I finally got to take our friends' FOUR little girls out for a photoshoot. They are so stinkin cute (as you'll see). The oldest one also happens to be who Samuel says is his best friend. ...which is just fine with us. It is such a blessing for our kids to be friends with these girls. We have so much peace being able to leave them all to play together knowing their parents have the same values and strive to teach them the same godly things we strive to teach our own. Well, I don't think we can leave Samuel and Lily completely unattended : ). I took all four girls out the first time but it got really dark so I took Lily out again (Jasmine's next) for some more and thought it would be cute to get some shots of Lily and Samuel together since they're buddies. When they sat together for a picture I heard Samuel say "really? I always wanted to marry you, too". He had a big grin. Then he said "no means no Lily" which was a joke because that's what her daddy told her to say to keep Samuel from kissing her. This conversations was taking place just before the silly shot of the two of them. Next, we headed to church and they were still talking about getting married. He looked at me with a big grin (he was in the front seat talking to her in the back) and said "ok Lily when i get tirty I'll let you marry me". That was pretty much the end of our adventure. There are a couple shots of Samuel and Alexis at the end since they were with me as well. Next time I'll hopefully have some of Jasmine and Brianna to share.

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Johnny and Alisha said...

Those are so cute! If Sameul and Lily really do get married one day won't those pictures be really cool for them to have!!

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