Thursday, August 16, 2007


I love photographs taken in allies. I love the color, the texture and just all the old stuff... so yesterday I decided we would try out a new location. Just a side note...when we were home getting ready to leave I was fixing Samuel's hair and as I gelled him up he decided it would be a good time to confess that he dropped my toothbrush in the toilet earlier that day. Ooooh, I know smoke was coming out of my ears. I made him take me to the bathroom to show me which toothbrush it was (hoping it was Chance's : ) and nope, it was mine. The one I just used to brush my teeth!!! RRRRRRrrr!! He knew I was mad. Then he said "mommy, do you forgive me." Man, I really didn't want to yet but how can you not :( Bittersweet. So, we went on our way to our "photoshoot". I bribe them with candy and stuff when I do this, BTW. This time it was Sonic. For some reason there were a lot of mosquitos so we had to be quick. I think my favorite from the day is the last one of Samuel. Next time I'll try and get a bunch of Alexis. I just didn't figure it would be a good idea to plop her down in mosquito ally.

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AmyC said...

Hey Chelsea! So...I just got your email & saw the link to your blog. Thought I'd check it out.

You're doing SOOO good! WOW! These are some awesome pictures! I mean, all of them, not just this post! Way to go!

Your kids are too stinkin' cute, too! And, wow...toothbrush in the toilet. YUCK! You're a good mom to fogive that quickly! :)

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