Saturday, August 4, 2007

Party Pix

I know its been a while but here are a few pictures of Brianna at her party. She had so much fun I think she smiled the whole day! Speaking of her birthday...a few days before her birthday I was trying to coach her on the way to church. She got in with all her accessories, of course. She had her sunglasses on, her toy phone and a pink purse loaded with other junk. I was giving her a really serious talk about how she needed to tell people thank you if she got gifts. In the middle of trying to make my threats her toy phone randomly rang and she politely said "hold on, I have a call." Gotta love her.

I'm throwing in a few of Samuel and Alexis for fun. I'm trying to work on black and white conversion and getting better catchlights. I haven't figured out exactly how to sharpen for the web so the images may look a little soft.

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Anonymous said...

This picture is absolutely beautiful!

Love you guys! Julie Solis

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