Monday, July 30, 2007


We went to Jr high/preteen camp with Chance this summer. All five of us stayed in this tiny room so that was an adventure itself. God definitely showed me we can survive without all the things we think we "need". Chance was the speaker so he was able to help me with the kids. The camp was near Austin. On the way home Chance got the idea to go on into San Antonio and stay another night. When we passed through Johnson City we noticed all the streets were lined with flags. We rolled down our windows like a bunch of nerds and asked what was going on. A lady told us they were about to bring LADY BIRD down the street....yeah, the street we were driving down. So we pulled over and camped out next to some bikers and watched the hearse come down the street. I know its kind of weird but it was cool to sort of witness history. Anyway, we went on into San Antonio, checked out the Zoo, Rainforest Cafe, and the hotel pool. The hotel pool was the best part about the trip if you ask Samuel and Brianna. The kiddos were so tuckered out they slept almost the whole way home and most of the next week :-)

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